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Easiest Homemade Bagels

So several years ago, a couple of my friends and I realized we had a passion for cooking. We all had different talents in the kitchen so when we got together, it was a real treat to share our ideas and tips with each other while learning how to make new dishes. Each one unique in her own way – there was the girl who added more flavor, the one that made it a bit healthier and the one that styled the pretty dishes. But what kept us close, was not our similarity to one another but rather our differences and our ability to lift each other up.

When we get together to cook, we would choose 3 or more dishes that neither of us had made before, fill up our mugs with hot coffee, and start the process. We were all business. No chatter would be heard as we were busy chopping, blending, tasting and mixing. The bonus to all of this fun was having an amazing meal together. The aromas and flavors were an explosion for the senses. (Of course we saved some for our loved ones at home).

We found this Bagel Recipe on Pinterest. It was from the Skinny Taste blog and I believe it was adapted from another recipe. What we loved about it was it was FAST, EASY and SUPER YUM!




Mix the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl with a spatula. Then add yogurt and mix. Kneed dough for 2 minutes adding flour as needed to keep dough soft but not too sticky. Divide dough into small balls and then form a circle with the dough to make a bagel shape. Arrange bagels on parchment-lined cookie sheets. Brush egg wash on each bagel and add desired toppings.

Bake for 25/30 min. (depending on how hot your oven gets). Let cool and serve. You can also twist the ropes and create amazing bread sticks with garlic and cheese toppings! This makes about 9 medium bagels.

There’s nothing like fresh homemade bagels with some smoked salmon!

Items used in this post and links where they are from: measuring spoons, wooden boards, cookie sheets, mini bowls

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