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A charcuterie board is more than just deli meats and cheese, it is a way to change the theme of your party from just food and drinks into truly interacting with your guests. It works best if there are 2-3 couples at most. Having a beautiful charcuterie board in the middle of the table creates a tone of community, friendship and sharing. It is a shift from the tradition of one plate per person to indulging in the same savory, sweet and delicious flavors together. It is also food that people rarely eat at home. Charcuterie style entertaining is a wonderful way to spark a conversation and interact with each other and give a sense of community. Most importantly it involves very little cooking and clean up for the host.

This is called the “ULTIMATE” Board because I have included everything you could possibly want. Dried figs and dried cherries, raw mixed nuts and Marcona almonds, artichoke hearts, fresh fruit, all kinds of charcuterie meats – Salame Calabrese, Prociutto, and Capocollo, olives, fig jam, Brie, Boursin and Kerrygold Irish cheeses, French Baguette, and Crackers. Watch the video to see how I styled it!

If you want more detail, see this post about creating the best cheese board!

This reminds me of the style of dining in the Middle East. It is a lovely way of entertaining called Mazza. It involved different dishes in the middle of the table that everyone shared. Cultures that emphasize community and hospitality, all have a different/yet the same way of entertaining and dining. This is what makes this so special.

These are some of my favorite platters to use to serve: Marble, Wood Tray, Slate. This board here is engraved and just gorgeous!!!

These are gorgeous cheese knives. These are beautiful dish towels that I like to use for napkins.

cheese knives
Click for similar cheese knives to these.



Bon Appetite, Sahtein!





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