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Ten Gift Ideas for Her

It is that time of year again where people spend hours pondering what to get their significant other for the holidays. After thanksgiving, the panic button goes off and all the alerts for the best deals pop up left and right. Without much thought, you get something that looks like a good idea and then you realize your spouse either has it, doesn’t want it, or is better off choosing it themselves. That is why I created a list of my favorite gifts that I have gotten or gifts that are on my wish-list along with soliciting my husband to write a fool-proof list of items men want (in the next post). Some of the items on both lists could be for him or her, however for the sake of simplicity, I divided them up as we wrote them.

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10 Gift Ideas for Her

  1. Nespresso Coffee/Espresso Maker: If he/she is a coffee lover, this is a machine you won’t regret buying. I am not a morning person, but there is nothing that gets me more excited about getting up than making this smooth, delicious cup of coffee. In the afternoon, my husband uses it to make a small cup of espresso, as a pick-me-up. Although the actual pods can get a bit pricey, it will always be cheaper than a cup from Starbucks but the taste is well worth it.
  2. Nespresso Milk Frother: Whether or not you buy Nespresso coffee maker, the milk frother is a must! I had this frother long before I owned a coffee machine. I frothed milk to add to any shot of espresso to make a cappuccino or to add some creaminess to my coffee. This is one of the few items in my kitchen that I am obsessed with.
  3. Ugg Slippers: This is a nice gift, because she would never buy it for herself. I’ve seen these for years and never thought I needed them until I had them. My husband got them for me and they are my go-to house shoes. They are comfortable and warm – like walking on a cloud.
  4. iRobot Roomba: This may sound a bit egotistical to list as a gift item for a spouse – but this has been on my list for months! It’s for a quick clean-up when you don’t want to sweep or get your ginormous vacuum out. I keep it in the kitchen, charged and ready to pick up the crumbs that the kids make. The best part, it does the work by itself!
  5. Clarisonic Mia 2: This has gotten rave reviews and something I have been wanting for a few years. It is a facial cleansing brush that massages your face. Many of my friends have sworn by it! This is on my list this year. BONUS: I found it on sale with a skin care kit HERE.
  6. Amazon Echo or Echo Dot: I didn’t want one of these until this year! I thought I had a wireless speaker but nothing makes life easier than one of these. You can control the volume by speaking to it, change the song, and even order items from amazon if you are an amazon prime member. Being a busy mom, juggling a million things, this is one less thing to have to control with my two hands.
  7. Contour Palette: She will be really impressed if you get her one of these. They are fun to use and you can’t have too many, so whatever brand you get will be fine. My favorite one is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette. 
  8. Sur La Table Cooking Class: My husband has surprised me with these classes on several occasions. They are fun and you get a great meal out of it. He has even done them with me a few times. There is a wide array of classes from desserts to a 4 course meal. Sometimes experience gifts are the most memorable. Here is a list of the upcoming classes in a city near you!
  9. Yoga Mat: Whether she is into yoga or not, having that alone time to meditate and focus on herself is key. With this gift, you are thoughtfully telling her to take time for herself and focus on her health and body. This yoga mat is one of my favorites and comes in so many colors!
  10. Workout/yoga pants: Along the lines of number 9, there is nothing more motivating to get to the gym, than a brand new pair of workout pants. I sometimes live in these pants. From the gym to running errands, they are comfortable, trendy and versatile. These leggings here are super cute with the embroidered mesh, making them fun to wear all day!

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