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Ten Gift Ideas for Him

Aren’t men the most difficult to shop for? I bet they say the same thing about women. That is why I picked the brain of my number one man to come up with some ideas for this year’s gifts!

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Gift guide for men

Recommended gifts:

  1. Clothes that are in style from stores they wouldn’t normally shop at.
  2. Exotic coffee/foods (dates, chocolates, Arabic coffee): I love getting him things from Cost Plus World Market. They have a food and drink section from all around the world. One of his favorite things are coffee beans that he can grind himself. Here is one of the best coffee grinders:  Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr.
  3. After-shave/cologne that spouse picks out. You can go smell each one at the store, but I find that always burns out my senses. I just read the descriptions and reviews and pick one that will appeal to both of us! 🙂 Check out the men’s section at one of my favorite stores. You can even sort them out by “best-selling,” “top-rated,” and price.
  4. Luxury item –  Get them something that they would not buy for themselves. A nice luxury watch, like a Shinola, is awesome because they are made well, vintage inspired and best of all it’s made in Detroit.
  5. Nespresso coffee machine that makes espresso. Nothing like an afternoon pick-me-up, even if they are not a coffee connoisseur.
  6. Leather laptop bag for work. It really makes someone look put together when all their paperwork, files, or laptop are stashed away in a nice-looking bag. He may think he does not “need” it, but it is professional, sophisticated and trendy at the same time.
  7. Basic set of weights for the home gym. It does not have to be fancy. Just some basic dumb-bells with different weights is a great idea.
  8. Shop Vac – My husband loves his Shop Vac! He uses it to give a good, deep clean for his car (and mine) and for many other things – garage, basement, etc.
  9. Beard/body hair trimmer.
  10. Outdoor hiking backpack.

I know this post is for 10-gift ideas, but I could not help but add a few extra favorites!

  1. Block ice cubes maker for scotch glasses.
  2. Birkenstock sandals.
  3. Camping hammock.
  4. Amazon Echo.

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Things to avoid:

  1. Utilitarian items (bike helmet)
  2. Tools
  3. Gift cards
  4. Things he can easily get at Costco (belts, socks)
  5. Avoid getting hobby items you don’t know much about (scotch)

I hope this list helps in shopping for your man this season! Good luck!




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