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11 Latest Jewelry Trends for 2021

I have compiled a list of must have jewelry trends for 2021. One of the first and most important jewelry trends is not a certain “look” but rather how a jewelry piece is made.

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When looking for a fine piece of jewelry, buyers are more concerned with ethically sourced and ethically made jewelry than ever before.

1. Ethically-sourced Jewelry


An important jewelry trend is conflict free diamonds and ethically sourced jewelry is the number one factor a customer should look at when deciding to buy a piece of jewelry.

Is the diamond traced to a reputable source? Is the manner of retrieving the stone or metal environmentally friendly?

2. Stackable Rings


Delicate stackable rings are the hottest jewelry trends! Stacking several rings on top of each other by mixing metals and stones is an eye-catching statement. Explore stackable rings ideas.

3. Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are some of the most popular jewelry trends has been around for some time but it is still going strong.

Layering delicate charms and pendants on thin chains is a look that goes with everything. It can be casual or professional and as versatile as you want it to be. Explore necklace layering ideas.

4. Chain Links


Chain links were seen all over New York Fashion Week. They can be subtle chain jewelry or a large statement piece.

5. Coins and Medallions

Coins and Medallions on jewelry is making a big statement. Whether wearing a meaningful medal of a saint or wearing some “spare change” as jewelry – this trend is here for spring and summer!

6. Statement Earrings

Large statement earrings have been all over New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. These earrings have even been worn in various ways including mismatched earrings on each ear or even only on one side.

Piercing several places in the ear and wearing dainty pieces is also making a statement.

7. Ear Cuffs

Ear climbers or ear cuffs are a hot trend. They come in several designs to fit your style.

8. Chokers

From link chain chokers to diamonds to leather – chokers necklaces are back and are here to stay!

9. Celestial Jewelry

Celestial jewelry that represents the moon and the stars are in. The different constellation shapes are stylish and have meaning at the same time.
Explore star jewelry ideas.

10. Meaningful Jewelry

Meaningful jewelry is any jewelry that has some meaning to the wearer. Usually this meaning is of a symbolic or spiritual nature. This includes spiritual jewelry, yoga jewelry, religious jewelry and personalized jewelry. From jewelry featuring the Evil Eye to Hamsa, Buddha, lotus flower, and chakra jewelry rings and necklaces, this look features an impressive selection of spiritual jewelry. You’ll have the pieces you need to celebrate all walks of faith.

11. Smart Jewelry

Another Jewelry trend that became popular and functional in recent years, is Smart Jewelry. Smart watches, not only can they tell the time, but provide many other data to the user, such as track movement, count steps, measure heart rate, and a lot of other features. Smart rings look like gold or silver bands, and can measure body functions such as heart rate, sleep quality, and track physical activity.

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